Monday, December 19, 2011

HANNAH'S MIRACLES: A Christmas Fable

    Having lived many years in the Colorado high country, where there wouldn't be any towns - or ghost towns - if it weren't for the gold and silver mining booms of the late 1800s, I've always been fascinated by the hardships people endured in those remote places in the hope that they could realize just part of their gold and silver dreams.
   Not all women who followed the miners to the various temporary diggings camps and boom towns were prostitutes, and not all prostitutes had hard lives. But when life was hard for the "soiled doves," it was incredibly hard; and the miracles it took to lessen the hardships came few and far between.
    But miracles did happen, even in the sad red light cribs where so many prostitutes plied their demeaning trade. They just might not look like miracles at first. 
    Hannah's Miracles: A Christmas Fable is about how miracles don't always turn out as expected.

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