Monday, July 23, 2012

Reviews of DLC's "The Cosmic Stringbusters" appearance in The Speculative Edge magazine

“‘The Cosmic Stringbusters,’ by D. L. Chance, opens the magazine’s short fiction set with a sci-fi yarn infused heavily with bluegrass. Now since bluegrass runs deep in my veins (being from Western Kentucky, where bluegrass was literally born and living in the selfsame city where the International Bluegrass Museum is located) I was immediately curious about this story. On board a space vessel with a mission of spending 100 years away from earth the people are segregated into two groups: those that look back to Earth and those that look to the future. Suffice it to say that there is some tension between the two. “The Cosmic Stringbusters” is more philosophic than action-filled, but it was nevertheless a rather unique and fun story to begin with.”  by Logan K. Stewart for Remorandom

“…that said, ‘The Cosmic Stringbusters‘ by D L Chance is a very good take on the social problems likely to be encountered in a generation starship. It elegantly questions whether the psychological pressures of the journey will be better faced by abandoning the past and only looking forward, or whether censorship of those things reminding people of the past would, in its own right, cause more problems than it would solve.” 
by David Marshall for Thinking About Books

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